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TruePlus Lancets are used to draw blood samples for blood sugar testing. A benefit of these lancets is that they can be used with most lancing devices in order to get a capillary whole blood sample.

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    TruePlus Lancets

    TruePlus Lancets are used to draw blood samples for blood sugar testing. The TruePlus Lancets can be used with most lancing devices to get a capillary whole blood sample, helping to monitor blood sugars of those with diabetes. What is diabetes? Diabetes is a life lasting condition which means that your body does not sustain or create something called insulin. Insulin is a hormone and is responsible for helping your body break down glucose, creating energy, so if your insulin doesn’t work of if you don’t have enough, then your blood sugars can become very high. This is why it is important to use TruePlus lancets or any lancets to regularly test blood sugars. Majority of people monitor their own blood sugars at home as part of managing diabetes.

    TruePlus Safety Lancets

    TruePlus Safety Lancets can be used in a lancing device to draw a small amount of blood from your fingertip for blood glucose testing. The TruePlus Safety Lancets can then be used combined with a testing machine to tell you how much sugar is in your blood. Monitoring your blood sugar levels with TruePlus Safety Lancets will help you and your GP to monitor your blood sugar levels and come up with a plan to manage your diabetes effectively.

    TruePlus Lancets Device

    You can use almost any TruePlus Lancets Device with the TruePlus Lancets. The TruePlus Lancets Device can also be used with the True range including:-
    • True You
    • True Result Twist
    • True Result
    If your struggling finding a TruePlus Lancets Device, please do not hesitate to contact us here at My Pharmacy and we can assist you. Alternatively you can always speak with a pharmacist or a GP. Click here to see our range of different devices.

    TruePlus Lancets Compatibility

    There are a variety of different TruePlus Lancets Compatibility and lancing devices on the market. Not all of which fit together, TruePlus Lancets Compatibility are universal, although this is not the case for all manufacturers. If you need any help with the TruePlus Lancets Compatibility and your machine and lancets, we can assist on TruePlus Lancets Used For TruePlus Lancets Used for Diabetes. There are two types of diabetes which are type 1 and type 2. Type 1 – Where the body’s immune system destroys the cells and attacks those that produce insulin. Type 2- Where the body does not produce enough insulin, or the body’s cells do not react to insulin. Here are some symptoms of TruePlus Lancets used for diabetes:-
    • Feeling very tired
    • Feeling very thirsty
    • Cuts or wounds that heal slowly
    • Urinating more often, particularly at night
    • Weight loss
    If you are experiencing any of these symptoms of TruePlus Lancets used for diabetes and think you could be diabetic, you would need to contact your GP and they will carry out appropriate tests.

    TruePlus Lancets For Diabetes

    How TruePlus Lancets for Diabetes are used:-
    • Wash the site to be lanced with soap and water to create a clean area. Dry thoroughly.
    • Insert lancet into lancing device.
    • Twist off protective TruePlus Lancets For Diabetes lancing cover.
    • Lance skin and apply blood to test strip per manufacturer’s instructions.
    • Discard of used TruePlus Lancets for Diabetes in appropriate container.
    Before you use these lancets, please consult a healthcare professional for guidance about specific medical conditions and before making any healthcare decisions. Do NOT use a lancet more than once, they are for one use only. Lastly, do not use the device to self-diagnose yourself with diabetes, get tested with a healthcare professional.

    TruePlus Sterile Lancets 28 Gauge

    TruePlus Sterile Lancets 28 gauge are the thickest lancet that the TruePlus range do. The lower the number of the TruePlus Sterile lancets 28 gauge are, the thinner the needle is. If you need any help in order to find the right TruePlus Sterile Lancets 28 gauge size, contact a healthcare professional or a GP and they should be able to assist you.

    TruePlus Lancets 28g

    TruePlus Lancets 28g are available to buy at any pharmacy over the counter, local or online. TruePlus Lancets 28g come in boxes of 100, meaning there are 100 tests available in one box. The boxes of TruePlus Lancets 28g are £4.99 and affordable for those who have diabetes and have to test regularly.

    TruePlus Lancets 30 Gauge

    TruePlus Lancets 30 Gauge are a thinner size lancet which people use who would have thinner skin to pierce when lancing the skin. The TruePlus Lancets 30 gauge will be thicker than a pack of 33 gauge. Some people find that using a thinner lancet with a thicker TruePlus Lancets 30 gauge are more comfortable to use especially if blood sugars are tested regularly.

    TruePlus Lancets 30g

    It is very important to dispose of TruePlus Lancets 30g or any other sharps safely and responsibly. If you have diabetes and are at home monitoring your blood sugars, your GP can prescribe something called a sharps bin, which you can use to dispose of any sharps including TruePlus Lancets 30g. When your TruePlus Lancets 30g bin is full, you can arrange for it to be disposed of by your local council, they will collect the sharp bin for you.

    TruePlus Ultra Thin 30g Lancet

    TruePlus Ultra Thin 30g Lancet do expire. This is why it is important to check the date of expiry that is indicated on the box of TruePlus Ultra Thin 30g lancet. You should not expired TruePlus Ultra Thin 30g lancets as they can cause infections in the skin due to loss of sterility. If you find that your diabetes lancets have expired dispose of these in your sharps box and purchase new ones or request them from your GP.

    TruePlus Lancets Boots

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    TruePlus Lancets NDC

    TruePlus Lancets NDC is the National Drug Code. The TruePlus Lancets NDC is a 10 digit number given to all over-the-counter and prescription medication to help identify different medications. If you have any questions at all regarding TruePlus Lancets NDC please contact us here at My Pharmacy or alternatively a healthcare professional.