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Snowfire Ointment Stick is an emollient used to treat dry skin. It is most suitable for those suffering with dry skin conditions such as eczema or chapped hands.

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    Snowfire Ointment Stick

    The Snowfire Ointment Stick is an emollient used to treat dry skin. It is most suitable for those suffering with dry skin conditions suich as eczema or chapped hands. Each Snowfire Ointment Stick contains many natural and essential oils, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth after use. If you plan of using Snowfire Ointment Stick, make sure to warm it beforehand to make it easier to apply.

    Snowfire Ointment Stick 18g

    Snowfire Ointment Stick 18g is the remedy for people prone to dry skin conditions like chapped hands, chilblain, cracked skin, cracked heels/elbows, eczema and psoriasis. Once applied to the skin, Snowfire Ointment Stick 18g soaks into the skin providing it with relief and a spot of loving care. Snowfire Ointment Stick 18g is what is known as an emollient. Emollients are moisturising treatments that are applied directly to the skin to soothe and hydrate. They trap moisture by forming a protective film over the skin. They are typically used to prevent patches of inflammation and flare-ups associated with eczema and psoriasis.

    Snowfire Ointment Stick Ingredients

    Each of the following Snowfire Ointment Stick Ingredients are included in every purchase of this medication. Active Snowfire Ointment Stick Ingredients:
    • Benzoin BPC 0.020% w/w
    • Citronella BPC 0.060% w/w
    • Thyme Oil 1949 BPC 0.010% w/w
    • Lemon Thyme Oil HSE 0.010% w/w
    • Clove Oil BP 0.040% w/w
    • Cade Oil BPC 0.040% w/w
    Other Snowfire Ointment Stick Ingredients:
    • Yellow Soft Paraffin BP
    • Hard Paraffin BP
    • Chlorophyll
    • Snowfire Perfume

    Snowfire Emollient Ointment Stick

    The Snowfire Emollient Ointment Stick belongs to the group of emollient ointments. Ointments are great for skin that is dry and thickened because of the way they’re made…thick, greasy and very moisturising. Ointments such as Snowfire Emollient Ointment Stick are also usually free of preservatives, making them suitable for sensitive skin. When using Snowfire Emollient Ointment Stick or other emollients it’s important to consider that they can sometimes cause a skin reaction. This can include:
    • A burning or stinging sensation that doesn’t settle after a few days of treatment.
    • Boils that are caused by blocked or inflamed hair follicles.
    • Rashes appearing on the face that can further aggravate acne.

    Snowfire Ointment Stick Smell

    The Snowfire Ointment Stick smell may put you off of using it. If this is a concern, you can take a look at some suitable alternatives currently on sale via My Pharmacy. People have reported that the Snowfire Ointment Stick Smell is too strong and would advise against using it.

    Snowfire Stick

    Atopic eczema is the most common form of eczema, a condition that causes the skin to become itchy, dry and cracked. When using Snowfire Stick its primary purpose is to help reduce the dryness of the skin Eczema is usually a chronic condition, although it can improve significantly over time, or even clear completely. Snowfire Stick is just one of the many emollient ointments that can be used to treat eczema and other dry skin conditions. There are different strengths of treatments including:
    • Very mild (hydrocortisone)
    • Moderate (Betamethasone valerate and clobetasone butyrate)
    • Strong (a higher dose of Betamethasone valerate and betamethasone diproprionate)
    • Very strong (clobetasol proprionate and diflucortolone valterate)
    Atopic Eczema Overview – NHS Website

    Snowfire Ointment

    Please follow the instructions below or the instructions listed on the packaging in order to use Snowfire Ointment correctly.
    • Wash the affected hands or feet in warm water
    • Gently rub Snowfire Ointment as often as necessary onto the skin
    • Alternatively, some of the Snowfire Ointment may be spread on a bandage or lint and applied to the affected areas.

    Snowfire Cream

    Snowfire Cream is not expected to cause any side effects. If you experience any signs of a serious allergic reaction when using Snowfire Cream, seek medical attention immediately. Some of these signs include wheeziness, difficulty breathing, and swelling of the eyelids, face or lips, rash or itching (especially affecting the whole body). You may experience an initial skin reaction when first using Snowfire Cream. This will typically clear within a couple of hours or days. If the reaction continues to persist, stop using Snowfire Cream and speak to a doctor. Snowfire Lotion Snowfire Lotion – Safety Information
    • Keep out of reach of children
    • For external use only.
    • Avoid contact with the eyes. If this occurs rinse well with lukewarm water.
    • Do not apply to open wounds.
    • If irritation occurs whilst using Snowfire Lotion, discontinue use.

    Snowfire For Chilblains

    You may want to use Snowfire for chilblains. Chilblains are small, itchy, red patches that can appear after someone has been out in cold weather. They will typically clear up by themselves, but may need medical attention if not. They can appear a few hours after exposure to cold weather. Appearing on the fingers and toes mostly, they can cause the skin to feel like its burning and can display visual swelling. If you have used Snowfire for chilblains before and want to avoid getting chilblains in the future, there are some steps you can take to avoid getting them. Some of these include:
    • Avoid going outside when it’s cold or damp.
    • Wear warm, waterproof clothing, gloves and thick socks if you do go out when it’s cold and damp.