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This product contains 100% silicone which has been proven in clinical trials to reduce redness and decrease the size of scars. Treatment and prevention. Reduces redness and flattens scars.

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    Silderm Gel

    Silderm Gel is a lightweight, self-drying silicone gel for the treatment of scars. Silderm Gel contains Silicone which has been shown to flatten, soften and smooth scars, relieve the itching and discomfort of scars, as well as reduce the discolouration associated with scars. Silderm Gel rapidly dries to form a custom fitted silicone sheet; this silicone gel sheet layer is gas permeable, flexible and waterproof. Silderm Gel forms a bond with the stratum corneum (outer layer of dead skin cells) forming a protective barrier against chemical, physical and microbial invasion of the scar site whilst assisting with hydration. This creates an environment that allows the scar to mature through normalized collagen synthesis cycles and improves the physiological and cosmetic appearance of the scar.

    Silderm Scar Gel

    Silderm Scar Gel is intended for the management of old and new hypertrophic and keloid scars. Keloid scars are the result of a wound healing and becoming thicker, lumpier and larger than the original wound. They are usually enlarged, raised, and can be red, pink or darker than the surrounding skin. This type of scar can even develop from very minor skin damage, such as an acne spot, and spread beyond the original area of damaged skin. People who are darker skinned are more likely to develop a Keloid scar. They can appear anywhere, but are more common on the upper chest, shoulders, head and the neck. Silderm Scar Gel may be required if the scar is showing signs of being a keloid scar. Keloid scars are usually:
    • Shiny
    • Hairless
    • Raised above surrounding skin
    • Hard and rubbery
    • Red or purple at first, before becoming pale or brown
    It’s important to use medication that heals scars such as Silderm Scar Gel on a Keloid scar, as they can last for years and may not even form until months or years after the original injury.

    Scar Gel Silderm

    The Scar Gel Silderm ingredient, silicone, is widely used to treat and prevent cars by Physicians. Physicians choose a product based upon the evidence that is available to prove that Scar Gel Silderm works and it is safe. That’s why Physicians use this gel to treat a variety of different scar types. The components of Scar Gel Silderm have been extensively researched and they are known to have a good or very good effect in about 80% of patients.

    Silderm Dual Action Scar Gel

    Silderm Dual Action Scar Gel is a truly innovative treatment that is clinically proven to flatten scars, reduce the redness and minimise the pain and itching that is normally associated with scar tissue. Silderm Dual Action Scar Gel contains the same surgically approved silicone ingredients as the standard Scar Gel, but has the added benefit of a roller ball to apply the treatment. Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists support the use of silicone in the management of scars, and the massaging action of the roller ball during application enhances the action of Silderm Dual Action Scar Gel ingredients.

    Silderm Scar Gel 15g

    In order for Silderm Scar Gel 15g to work, it will need at least three months before improvement is seen in the majority of scars, however some results should be seen within a 2 week period. The scar will flatten and the redness start to get lighter. The larger the scar, or the older the scar, the long it will take so Silderm Scar Gel 15g use should be continued until signs of Improvement have stopped.

    Silderm Scar Gel Ingredients

    Please do not use this product if you are allergic to any of the below Silderm Scar Gel Ingredients. Signs of an allergic reaction include swelling of the face, eyes or tongue, difficulty breathing, dizziness and wheezing. Silderm Scar Gel Ingredients: Dimethicone, Alkyl methicone, Dimethiconol, Cyclicmethicone, Silicate.

    Silderm Scar Gel Price

    The Silderm Scar Gel price here at My Pharmacy is £9.45 for the 6g tube and £24.41 for the 15g tube, but if you find a cheaper Silderm Scar Gel price elsewhere, always make sure you obtain it from a registered and trusted pharmacy. Any online pharmacy should be registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council and any online doctor service should registered with the Care Quality Commission and General Medical Council. If you see a Silderm Scar Gel price online that seems too good to be true, it more than likely is. Illegitimate drugs can be a serious health concern, always make sure you’re purchasing medical products from a legitimate online pharmacy.

    How To Use Silderm Scar Gel

    In order to use this product correctly, please follow the How To Use Silderm Scar Gel instructions correctly. How To Use Silderm Scar Gel
    • Ensure the affected area is clean and dry.
    • Apply SilDerm Scar Gel to the area as a very thin layer and allow to dry.
    • Apply SilDerm Gel twice daily.
    • For maximum effect, SilDerm should have 24 hour contact with the skin.
    • Once dry, SilDerm can be covered with sun block or cosmetics.
    • If SilDerm Gel has not dried within 4-5 minutes, it’s likely that too much has been used. Gently remove the excess and allow the drying process to continue.
    Silderm Scar Gel 15g should be used for a minimum of 3 months, or until improvement isn’t noticeable. Larger scars, burn scars and older scars may take longer. Make sure to use only a thin layer of gel to get the most effectiveness out of the gel. This will ensure the scar is healed as quickly as possible and dries quickly too.

    Silderm Scar Gel Reviews

    You can view Silderm Scar Gel Reviews and reviews left by customers who have used our website and service via the product page. To view more Silderm Scar Gel Reviews and overall service reviews, click here to view our trustpilot page. Our team will also be able to advise on any alternative treatments should any Silderm Scar Gel Reviews cause you to look for an alternative.

    Silderm Scar Gel Before And After

    Silderm Scar Gel Before And After will vary, person to person. Some people may notice a slight difference when using this product, whilst others may notice more of a significant effect. Although you may find it difficult to find images of Silderm Scar Gel Before And After, you may be able to seek out reviewers and or users of this product and ask them directly what they thought of this product.

    Difference Between Silderm Gel And Spray

    The difference between Silderm Gel and Spray is very minor. They both set out to accomplish the same goal, which is the improvement of scarring. Both the gel and spray work by bonding together the outer layers of the skin to provide a protective barrier against chemical, physical and microbial contamination. The spray may be more beneficial for those who have scars in hard to reach places. Whereas the gel may be more suitable for areas such as the face arms and hands. Please speak to a physician or dermatologist about the difference between Silderm Gel and Spray. They will be able to provide more information and advice whether or not the spray/gel may be more beneficial.

    Silderm Scar Gel Boots

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