Odaban Antiperspirant Spray – 30ml


  • Contains no propellant gas, no fragrances
  • Does not trigger allergies
  • 100% odourless and without side effects
  • Can be used with any other deodorant and perfume

If you are feeling embarrassed or self-conscious due to excessive sweating and body odour, Odaban Antiperspirant Spray is the right treatment for you. It is quick and easy to use, gentle on the skin and effectively reduces sweating.

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  • Already effective after the first application

    Sweating is effectively regulated after just one application. The finely runed formula also gently and reliably protects against skin irritations such as burning or itching. Numerous skin clinics and dermatologists therefore recommended Odaban even for heavy sweating.

  • Why Odaban Antiperspirant Spray is the solution for you

    In all situations in life – be it at an important lecture in front of a wide audience, in warm temperatures or simply when being with other people – and not only in the region of the armpits. Odaban spray can also be used for other skin areas, such as the hands, forehead or back, be used.

    It Contains no propellant gas, no fragrances. Does not trigger allergies, and is 100% odourless and without side effects. It can also be used with any other deodorant and perfume.

  • Where can the antiperspirant be used?

    The stick is especially designed for application to the armpits. Application to the forehead, back, chest, hands, feet, bends of the arms and back of the knees is also possible.

  • How to use Odaban Spray

    Treatment with Odaban spray is simple. Most users will experience that the protective effect already sets in after several applications. You usually only need one or two applications per week.

    Apply in the evening before going to bed. Leave on overnight and shower as usual the next morning. Finally live sweat free.

  • Odaban Antiperspirant Spray works on wet palms

    Every person who regularly wears protective gloves knows the problems that come with it: the unpleasant feeling of damp hands.