Numark Fabric Assorted Plasters – 24 Plasters


  • Durable and flexible
  • Low allergy adhesive
  • Includes an assortment of sizes

Numark Fabric Plasters are an essential part of any first aid kit. With their flexibility and durable design, they are easy to apply and keep your wounds, cuts and grazes clean from dirt and harmful bacteria. The cushioned design also helps with air flow and comfort, helping the wound heal faster.

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  • Numark Fabric Assorted Plasters

    Numark Fabric Plasters 24 Pack is indispensable for any first aid kit, catering to people of all ages. These plasters provide immediate coverage for small injuries such as minor cuts and abrasions. Designed to keep out dirt and provide slight padding.
  • Warnings

    • Consult your GP or pharmacist if the wound does not heal as expected or if wound becomes infected or does not stop bleeding.
  • Instructions

    • Ensure the wound or cut is clean and does not have anything embedded in it.
    • Rinse the wound under clean water or gently clean it with an alcohol-free wipe.
    • Let the wound air dry or gently pat dry with a clean cloth.
    • Apply the plaster over the wound. If the plaster gets wet or dirty, replace it with a new one.