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Do you want to stop smoking without the craving? The Nicorette Microtab Original replaces the nicotine from cigarettes, helping you to stop smoking

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Nicorette Microtab Original

What Nicorette Microtab is and what it is used for

NICORETTE Microtab is a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). It is used to relieve withdrawal symptoms and reduce the cravings for nicotine that you get when you try to stop smoking, or when you are cutting down the number of cigarettes you smoke while trying to stop smoking. To help cut down or quit smoking you should also try to use a behavioural support programme to increase your chances of success.

IMPORTANT: NICORETTE Microtab is a sublingual tablet which means it must be dissolved under the tongue and NOT swallowed or chewed.

See more information to help you stop smoking on the NHS webiste

Before you use Nicorette Microtab

Do not use nicorette microtab: „

  • if you have an allergy to nicotine or any of the other ingredients

Talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist: „

  • if you are pregnant or breast-feeding – you may be able to use nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to help you give up smoking but you should try to give up without it
  • if you are in hospital because of heart disease (including heart attack, disorders of heart rate or rhythm, angina, high blood pressure or stroke). In other heart conditions not requiring you to be in hospital, using NRT is better than continuing to smoke
  • if you have a stomach ulcer, duodenal ulcer, inflammation of the stomach or inflammation of the oesophagus (passage between the mouth and stomach)
  • if you have liver or kidney disease
  • if you have an overactive thyroid gland or have a phaeochromocytoma (a tumour of the adrenal gland that can affect blood pressure)
  • if you have diabetes – monitor your blood sugar levels more often when starting to use NICORETTE® Microtab as you may find your insulin or medication requirements alter
  • if you are taking other medicines such as theophylline, clozapine or ropinirole


How to use Nicorette Microtab

  • Place the microtab under your tongue. Allow it to slowly dissolve (about 30 minutes). This will release nicotine, which you will absorb through the lining of your mouth. NICORETTE® Microtab should NOT be chewed or swallowed

Adults and Children 12 years and over:

20 cigarettes or fewer:

  • One microtab to be taken every hour

More than 20 cigarettes :

  • Two microtabs to be taken every hour

Most people take between 8 to 24 microtabs per dayDo not take more than 40 microtabs per day. Do not exceed stated dose.Children aged 12 and up to 18 years should not use for longer than 12 weeks in total without asking for help and advice from a doctor, nurse or pharmacist. Adults aged 18 years and over should not use for more than 9 months in total without asking for help and advice from a doctor, nurse or pharmacist.

Nicorette Microtab Ingredients

The active ingredient is: Nicotine. Other ingredients are: ß-cyclodextrin, crospovidone, colloidal silica and magnesium stearate

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Side Effects

Like all medicines, NICORETTE® Microtab can have side-effects. As many of the effects are due to nicotine, they can alsooccur when nicotine is obtained by smoking.

Effects related to stopping smoking (nicotine withdrawal) You may experience unwanted effects because by stopping smoking you have
reduced the amount of nicotine you are taking. You may also experience these effects if you use too few NICORETTE®
Microtabs before you are ready to reduce your nicotine intake.

These effects include:
„ irritability or aggression
„ feeling low
„ anxiety
„ restlessness
„ poor concentration
„ increased appetite or weight gain
„ urges to smoke (craving)
„ night time awakening or sleep disturbance
„ lowering of heart rate
„ dizziness, lightheadedness, blurry vision,
„ cough
„ constipation
„ bleeding gums
„ mouth ulcers
„ swelling of the nasal passages and back ofthe throat

see a full list of side effects in the further information section below

Further Information