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Nicam Gel is a skin treatment for inflamed pimples and spots. The medical term for this condition is mild to moderate inflammatory acne vulgaris. It involves inflamed pimples (papules) and spots containing pus (pustules), often with skin redness (erythema) and some tenderness.

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    Nicam Gel

    Nicam Gel is a skin treatment for inflamed pimples and spots. The medical term for this is mild to moderate inflammatory pimples and spots containing pus, often with skin redness and some tenderness. The condition occurs mainly on the face, back and chest. The active ingredient in Nicam Gel is called nicotinamide. Nicotinamide treats pimples and spots by its anti-inflammatory activity, which reduces swelling, redness and tenderness. It’s related to an essential vitamin, Vitamin B3, and is not an anti-biotic.

    Dermal Nicam Gel

    Dermal Nicam Gel is used to treat acne. Acne is an extremely common skin condition most common in adolescence, but not restricted to those in later stages of life. During adolescence, glands in the skin produce extra grease in response to normal amounts of sex hormones in the body, and this can cause blocked pores, resulting in blackheads. When this happens the pores are invaded by bacteria. The chemicals produced by these bacteria go into deeper layers of the skin and produce red spots filled with pus. Your acne may be caused by potential triggers and Dermal Nicam Gel may not be needed if you can avoid these triggers:
    • Cosmetic products – this has become less common due to the majority of products undergoing advanced testing, but some may still cause acne outbreaks.
    • Medications – Drugs to treat epilepsy, certain steroid medicines and lithium.
    • Regularly wearing items that apply pressure on a specific area. An increase in this has been noticed since the COVID-19 pandemic began because of increased mask use.
    • Smoking – this is one of the main causes of acne in older people.
    Always check with a doctor or healthcare professional before using medication such as Dermal Nicam Gel. Using medicine without proper diagnoses can lead to further irritation.

    Dermal Nicam Gel 4

    Dermal Nicam Gel 4 doesn’t contain the standard anti-biotics you’d come to expect with the majority of acne treatments. Nicotinamide reduces swelling and redness associated with acne. It works to regulate the amount of acne-causing oil being produced by the glands in the skin. In addition to this, it can also regulate skin tone, helping the red, purple or brown marks left by acne once it has healed. As with the majority of acne treatment products, and no different for Dermal Nicam Gel 4, it can take time to work. By the time twelve weeks have passed, improvements should have been noticed. If this isn’t the case, an alternative to Dermal Nicam Gel 4 will need to be considered. If your acne has improved and healed by the end of twelve weeks, do not continue using products that contain Nicotinamide such as Dermal Nicam Gel 4. There is currently no evidence to suggest that using this product after the acne has healed will stop it from returning.

    Nicam 4 Gel

    Do not use Nicam 4 Gel if you are allergic to nicotinamide or any of the other ingredients in the patient information leaflet. Take care when using Nicam 4 Gel:
    • Only apply it to the skin.
    • When using it on the face, keep it away from the eyes, and avoid getting it inside the nostrils, on the lips or inside the mouth.
    • Depending on how sensitive your skin tends to be, it may be a good idea to initially test the gel on a small area, and wait 24 hours before using it on larger areas. This is especially advisable if you have unusually sensitive skin or if you are treating the face.
    When using other medication, Nicam 4 Gel is not known to affect, or to be affected by other medicines. However, if you’re unsure always speak to a doctor or pharmacist. They will be able to advise you. If you are pregnant or currently breastfeeding, there are no specific restrictions to using Nicam 4 Gel. Vitamin B derivative requirements, such as nicotinamide, are increased during pregnancy and infancy. Even though there are currently no known risks, as with any medicine caution should be exercised, particularly in the first three months of pregnancy.

    Nicam Gel 4

    In order to use Nicam Gel 4 correctly, please follow the below instructions or the ones printed in the patient information leaflet.
    • For Adults, the elderly and children
      • Apply Nicam Gel 4 twice daily over and around the affected skin areas as follows:
        • Wash the area.
        • Gently pat the skin dry (avoid rubbing as this may aggravate the skin).
        • Apply a thin film of Nicam Gel 4, and gently massage it in.
    Continue using Nicam Gel 4 twice daily in this way for as long as necessary. Depending on the severity of acne, it can take several weeks before any improvement is seen. If you ever forget to use Nicam Gel 4, just carry on using it when you remember. If you have any further questions on the use of this medicine, speak to a doctor or pharmacist.

    Nicam Gel 60g

    Although Nicam Gel 60g has been specially designed for use on all skin types including problem skin, it can cause side effects, although not everybody will get them.
    • Occasionally, susceptible individuals can experience local skin dryness. If this is unacceptable, or causing irritation or peeling, try applying the gel only once a day or every other day.
    • Very occasionally, allergic reactions such as itching, redness, swelling or burning sensations can occur.
    Stop using Nicam Gel 60g and tell a doctor or pharmacist if any side effect gets serious, or any other side effects not mentioned in the patient information leaflet are noticed. You can report any Nicam Gel 60g side effects to the UK governments Yellow Card scheme.

    Nicam Gel Boots

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    Nicam Gel For Acne

    When using Nicam Gel for acne there are some small tips and tricks you can use to help reduce the chances of acne re-occurring.
    • Take care to cleanse the skin thoroughly and regularly, but try not to clean too aggressively as this can make it worse.
    • Skin moisturisers may be needed when the skin becomes excessively dry.
    • When using Nicam Gel for acne carefully follow the instructions supplied. This will make sure you have the best chance of clearing your acne.
    • When using Nicam Gel for acne, make sure to treat all the involved skin area, not just each individual spot.
    • Avoid picking or squeezing spots, this can make things worse and lead to scarring.
    • Continue to use treatments such as this one even if the skin doesn’t look like its improving. It can take perseverance before results are seen.

    Dermal Nicam Gel Review

    You can view any Dermal Nicam Gel Review and reviews left by customers who have used our website and service via the product page. Customers can post a Dermal Nicam Gel Review after purchase. To view more service reviews, click here to view our trustpilot page. Our team will also be able to advise on any alternative treatments should any Dermal Nicam Gel Review cause you to look for a substitute.

    Does Nicam Gel Work?

    A common question we often see online is “Does Nicam Gel work?” Depending on the individual, yes and no. Medications such as this one may work for one person, but not work for others. The amount of time can also vary, with some people seeing results in a couple of weeks and others taking months. Always make sure you are using the medication correctly and for the correct amount of time. Ignoring that can lead to the medication not working at all, or taking longer than usual to show results. If you have any other questions regarding “Does Nicam Gel work?” please contact our customer support team.

    How Long Should I Use Acne Creams For Nicam Gel?

    Another question we see posted online is “How long should I use acne creams for Nicam Gel?” As seen in the patient information leaflet and the instructions listed above, you can continue using Nicam Gel for as long as necessary. It can take several weeks before improvements are noticed, therefore treatment will last as long as it needs to. If this gel has been used for a period longer than twelve weeks, speak to a doctor. It may be this medication isn’t for you and an alternative will need to be found. If you have any other questions relating to “How long should I use acne creams for Nicam Gel?” please contact out customer support team via email or phone.