Newfoundland Iron Deficiency Test


  • Finger-prick blood sample
  • Results in 5 minutes
  • Over 95% accurate

At-home self-test to identify iron deficiency and anaemia.

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  • Newfoundland Iron Deficiency Test

    The Iron Deficiency Test is a finger-prick blood test that measures the level of ferritin, a protein that stores iron inside your cells. Your body needs iron to make healthy red blood cells. Red blood cells contain a substance called haemoglobin, which transports oxygen around the body. Iron is also important for healthy muscles, bone marrow and organ function. Anaemia is caused by lack of haemoglobin. Iron deficiency is caused by lack of iron. Iron deficiency with anaemia is caused by both a lack of iron and a lack of haemoglobin. The following individuals are at greater risk of having or developing iron deficiency:
    • People who are underweight
    • People who experience heavy menstrual bleeding
    • People who are pregnant
    • People who have issues with food absorption, such as those with inflammatory bowel disease or who have had certain gastrointestinal surgical procedures
  • Symptoms

    Symptoms to look out for:

    • Tiredness or lack of energy
    • Weakness
    • Pale skin
    • Chest pain, fast heartbeat or shortness of breath
    • Headache, dizziness or light-headedness
    • Cold hands and feet
    • Inflammation or soreness of your tongue
    • Brittle nails
    • Unusual cravings for non-nutritive substances, such as ice, dirt or starch
    • Poor appetite, especially in infants and children with iron deficiency anaemia
  • Instructions

    1. Remove the lancet cap.
    2. Clean the area to be pricked with the alcohol pad.
    3. Squeeze the end of the fingertip and prick it with the sterile lancet.
    4. Massage downward to obtain sample.
    5. Use dropper to obtain the correct amount of blood to fill the line.
    6. Squeeze the bulb to release the blood.
    7. Add 1 drop of buffer into the sample well.