Medisure Steam Inhaler Cup with Menthol Crystals (5g)


  • Easy way to inhale steam and aromatics
  • Convenient and simple
  • Use with Menthol Crystals for easier breathing use

The Medisure Steam Inhaler Cup is an easy way to inhale steam and aromatics and is a simple and convenient way to relieve the symptoms of coughs, colds, flu and blocked sinuses.

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  • Medisure Steam Inhaler

    The easy way to inhale steam and aromatics! Convenient and simple way to naturally soothe the airways, nose and throat. For easier breathing use with plain hot water or add your favourite inhalant. Steam inhalation has long been a widely used method of soothing the airways. The warming and moisturising effects help to naturally loosen and soften congestion. Bundled with the steam inhaler are Menthol Crystals 5g. With only a few crystals added to the steam inhaler, you can gain fast relief from nasal congestion and even help inhibit further infection. Menthol Crystals are the fast and effective way to relieve nasal congestion allowing you to breathe easily through your nose.


    Connect mask section to lid and ensure a secure fit. If required add the recommended amount of inhalant to the cup and carefully follow instructions provided with the inhalant product. With the cup on a firm flat surface add hot water to the cup and fill to around two-thirds full. The water should be very hot but NOT boiling. Carefully place lid and mask section onto the cup and ensure a secure fit. With the cup held level and held firmly by both handles; place the nose and mouth into the mask section. Breathe in slowly and repeat up to 5 times before taking the nose and mouth well away from the cup and breathing normally for one or two minutes. Repeat this procedure as necessary. Always consult your doctor about persistent, painful or worrying symptoms.