Maloff Protect 250mg/100mg Tablets


  • Nine tablets plus number of days holiday is required total
  • Active Ingredients: Atovaquone And Proguanil Hydrochloride
  • Prevent Contraction Of Malaria When Travelling To Tropical Regions
  • Buy With Confidence From UK Registered Pharmacy
  • Includes Free Prescription

Take the  medication 1 to 2 days prior to entry and up to one week after leaving therefore you will need nine tablets plus the number the number of days holiday.
Maloff protect anti-malaria tablets are advised for those travelling to tropical regions in areas such as Africa, South America and Southern Asia. The two main active ingredients: atovaquone and proguanil hydrochloride, both act differently to provide effective protection from Malaria by killing the parasite directly. Maloff is a different brand of malarone and is often cheaper and available over the counter.

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    4. Safety Measures & The Importance of Authenticity
    5. Key Information Before Using Maloff Protect
    6. Possible Side Effects
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    9. How Is Maloff Protect Different from Malarone?
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    About My Pharmacy

    As an independent online pharmacy situated in the UK, My Pharmacy aims to provide you with convenient and efficient healthcare services. Order your prescription treatments online and have them securely delivered to your doorstep without any hassle.  

    What is Maloff Protect?

    Maloff Protect stands as a frontline defence against malaria. Containing the potent ingredients atovaquone and proguanil hydrochloride, this medication works in synergy to ward off malaria, especially for those journeying to high-risk zones. For more extensive insights on antimalarial medications, visit the NHS website. Video Recommendation: When to take anti malaria medication  

    Benefits of Buying from My Pharmacy

    Though Maloff Protect is accessible in other commercial outlets like Maloff Protect Boots, several advantages set My Pharmacy apart:
    1. No Physical Prescription Needed: While some require an in-person prescription, My Pharmacy streamlines the process with a free online consultation.
    2. Affordability: Our competitive pricing can save you up to 50% compared to other retailers.
    3. Expert Assistance: Our seasoned pharmacy professionals are available round-the-clock through email, online chat, and phone.

    Safety Measures & The Importance of Authenticity

    For those prioritising safety and efficacy, ensure your online pharmacy is accredited by the General Pharmaceutical Council. Plus, online doctor services should have approval from the Care Quality Commission and General Medical Council. This upholds the integrity of your chosen medical services.  

    Key Information Before Using Maloff Protect

    Prior to taking Maloff Protect, it's paramount to complete our online questionnaire. This facilitates a smooth and safe process for your purchase. Be wary of certain conditions like allergies to its ingredients or existing kidney and liver diseases that might deter you from its consumption.  

    Possible Side Effects

    Every medication comes with its potential side effects, and Maloff Protect is no exception. While many individuals won't experience these side effects, it's essential to be aware of what to watch out for. Common Side Effects:
    • Dizziness: If this occurs, ensure you're not operating heavy machinery or driving.
    • Sleeping problems: Insomnia or disturbances in sleep pattern can happen.
    • Strange dreams: Some users have reported vivid or unusual dreams.
    • Depression: Monitor any changes in your mood or behaviour.
    • Loss of appetite: You might notice a decreased interest in food.
    • Fever: A raised body temperature is a symptom to watch out for.
    • Rash: Visible redness or bumpy skin can occur.
    • Cough: Persistent coughing can be a side effect.
    • Allergic reactions: These can range from mild to severe.
    • Itching: Skin irritation leading to a desire to scratch is possible.
    Should you experience any of these or other side effects not listed, it's essential to contact a healthcare professional. For a comprehensive list of side effects, consider checking the Patient Information Leaflet.  

    How to Properly Administer Maloff Protect

    Understanding the correct dosage and administration is crucial. Starting your dose 1-2 days prior to entering a malaria-prone area, continuing daily during your stay, and persisting for another week post-trip ensures maximum efficacy.  

    Maloff Protect Reviews

    At My Pharmacy, we value feedback from our customers. Many have shared their experiences with Maloff Protect, providing valuable insights for individuals considering this medication. For more unbiased and detailed reviews from real customers, check out our Trustpilot Reviews.  

    How Is Maloff Protect Different from Malarone?

    A frequent query arises: Is Maloff Protect the same as Malarone? Both Maloff Protect and Malarone serve as preventive treatments against malaria, but many individuals often wonder about their differences. Let's break down the distinctions between the two: Both Maloff Protect and Malarone contain the same active ingredients:
    • Atovaquone
    • Proguanil hydrochloride
    This combination works synergistically to prevent malaria in those travelling to high-risk areas. Branding and Pricing:
    • Malarone: Malarone is a brand name, often associated with a higher price due to branding, advertising, and other associated costs.
    • Maloff Protect: While it contains the same active ingredients as Malarone, it's generally available at a more affordable price, especially when considering generic versions.
    Given they share the same active components, both medicines have comparable efficacy in malaria prevention and have similar potential side effects.  

    Recommended Dosage and Storage Guidelines

    Whether it's Maloff Protect 36 or Maloff Protect 24 tablets, storage recommendations remain the same: keep out of children's reach and use within the stipulated expiry date.  

    Alternative Malaria Treatments

    Malaria is a severe and life-threatening disease, primarily transmitted through the bite of an infected Anopheles mosquito. With its rampant prevalence in certain parts of the world, especially tropical and subtropical regions, there's a significant emphasis on prevention. While Maloff Protect stands out as a popular choice among travellers and residents in these regions, it's crucial to understand that it's not the only preventive measure available. Several alternative treatments, each with its unique properties and specifications, can also serve as effective deterrents against this disease. If Maloff Protect doesn't suit your needs, explore other treatments, such as:  

    Get in Touch

    For more information or further assistance, don't hesitate to contact our dedicated customer service team at Explore our complete range of anti-malaria treatments at My Pharmacy.
  • Malaria

    Malaria is a serious tropical disease spread by mosquitoes. If it isn’t diagnosed and treated promptly, it can be fatal.

    A single mosquito bite is all it takes for someone to become infected.

    Symptoms of malaria
    It’s important to be aware of the symptoms of malaria if you’re travelling to areas where there’s a high risk of the disease. Symptoms include:

    a high temperature (fever)
    sweats and chills
    muscle pains
    Symptoms usually appear between 7 and 18 days after becoming infected, but in some cases the symptoms may not appear for up to a year, or occasionally even longer.

    When to seek medical attention
    Seek medical help immediately if you develop symptoms of malaria during or after a visit to an area where the disease is found.

    Malaria risk areas
    Malaria is found in more than 100 countries, mainly in tropical regions of the world, including:

    large areas of Africa and Asia
    Central and South America
    Haiti and the Dominican Republic
    parts of the Middle East
    some Pacific islands


    The Fit for Travel website has more information about the risk of malaria in specific countries.

    Preventing malaria
    Many cases of malaria can be avoided. An easy way to remember is the ABCD approach to prevention:

    awareness of risk – find out whether you’re at risk of getting malaria before travelling
    bite prevention – avoid mosquito bites by using insect repellent, covering your arms and legs, and using an insecticide-treated mosquito net
    check whether you need to take malaria prevention tablets – if you do, make sure you take the right antimalarial tablets at the right dose, and finish the course
    diagnosis – seek immediate medical advice if you develop malaria symptoms, as long as up to a year after you return from travelling

  • Side Effects

    Side Effects

    Malarone is notable for having far fewer side effects than other, older malaria drugs. While some people experience side effects, such as coughing, diarrhea, dizziness, headache, loss of appetite, mouth sores, nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, or weakness, the majority have none or few of these.

    These are not all the side effects of malarone, For a full list see the Patient information Leaflet.

  • Patient Information

    Download Malarone – Patient Information Leaflet

    The Fit for Travel website has more information about the risk of malaria in specific countries.