Lemsip First Action Nasal Spray – 20ml


  • Helps stop a cold early
  • Clinically proven
  • Use at the 1st signs of a cold

Lemsip First Action contains Carrageloseand kappa-Carrageenan which is clinically proven to help shorten the duration of cold and flu-like symptoms by up to 2 days, when used at 1st signs.   The spray forms a shielding layer on the surface of the nasal mucosa.

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  • Lemsip First Action Nasal Spray

    At the first signs of a cold, try our new Lemsip First Action nasal spray. It is a clinically proven medical device that helps reduce the risk of cold symptoms from developing into a full blown cold. Containing Carragelose, it gets to work in three simple steps:
    • Shield. Spray into your nose at the first signs to form a shielding layer.
    • Helps trap viruses so they can’t infect healthy cells.
    • Remove. Trapped virus particles are cleared naturally through the nose.