Hydromoor Soothing Eye Drops – 30 Single Dose Units


  • Hypromellose 0.3% without preservative unit dose
  • For the relief of mild to moderate dry eyes
  • Trusted treatment

Hydromoor preservative free eye drops is a trusted treatment for the relief of the symptoms of dry eye conditions associated with the lack of natural tears.

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  • Hydromoor Soothing Eye Drops

    Hydromoor eye drops are used for the relief of symptoms associated with the lack of natural tears or lubrication with rigid or gas permeable contact lenses. Such symptoms may include discomfort, a chronic gritty sensation, disturbance of vision and increased sensitivity to light. These eye drops are suitable for use by people who are sensitive to preservatives. Each single dose unit contain 0.4ml of sterile Hypromellose 0.3% Eye Drops without Preservative. There are 30 single dose units in each carton.

    Precautions before you use Hydromoor

    Do not use Hydromoor
    • If you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed in the patient information leaflet.
    • If the seal is broken.
    Discontinue use and consult a physician
    • If irritation persists or worsens, or headache, eye pain, vision changes or continued redness occur.
    Using other medicines
    • If you use more than one eye drop, wait 5 minutes before putting the next one in to prevent the first drop from being washed away.
    Pregnancy and breastfeeding
    • Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

    Possible side effects

    Sometimes Hydromoor can cause minor side effects such as mild stinging or blurred vision, but these effects are usually minor and temporary. Do not drive or operate any machinery until your vision has returned to normal. If you notice any side effects not mentioned in the patient information leaflet or your symptoms worsen, please inform your doctor or pharmacist.

    How to use Hydromoor

    Instil one drop into each affected eye as required. Avoid touching the eye with the dropper. If the drop of medication is not retained for any reason, another drop should be instilled. Leave an interval of at least 5 minutes before the instillation of another eye drop.