Gina 10mg Tablets – 24 Tablets


  • Active ingredient: Estradiol
  • Treats and relieves vaginal symptoms post menopause
  • Low dose of estrogen clinically proven to target the cause as well as symptoms

Gina is for postmenopausal women aged 50 years and older who have not had a period for at least 1 year and who suffer from vaginal symptoms due to oestrogen deficiency.

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  • What is Gina

    Gina is a vaginal tablet and contains estradiol.
    • Estradiol is a female sex hormone.
    • It belongs to a group of hormones called oestrogens.
    • It is exactly the same as the estradiol produced by the ovaries of women.
    Gina belongs to a group of medicines called local vaginal Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). It is used to relieve menopausal symptoms in the vagina such as dryness or irritation. In medical terms this is known as ‘vaginal atrophy’. This happens when the vaginal wall becomes thinner, drier and less elastic and can cause symptoms in the vagina such as dryness, soreness or irritation, itching or burning sensation, and painful sexual intercourse. It is caused by a drop in the levels of oestrogen in your body which happens naturally after the menopause. How does Gina work Gina works by replacing the oestrogen which is normally produced in the ovaries of women. It is inserted into your vagina, so the hormone is released where it is needed. This may relieve discomfort in the vagina. Who can use Gina Gina is used to treat the symptoms of vaginal atrophy in postmenopausal women over 50 years and who have not had a period for at least 1 year.  

    What you need to know before you use Gina

    Medical history and Pharmacy Reviews Before you start using Gina, your pharmacist will ask about your own and your family’s medical history. They may also ask you about your menopause and what symptoms you have had. This is to make sure that Gina is suitable for you and that you do not need to see your doctor before using Gina or for any other treatments that may be more suitable. Once you have started using Gina you should review your treatment regularly with your pharmacist. Let your doctor know that you are using Gina at your next routine appointment. The use of HRT carries some risks, which need to be considered when deciding whether to start using it, or whether to carry on using it. You should go for regular breast and cervical screening as recommended by your doctor. For more information, please check the patient information leaflet.