Excilor Skin Tag Treatment


  • Effective skin tag removal within 6 days
  • Easy home use
  • Safe, hygienic and no pain

Excilor Skin tag Treatment with SafeFix Technology has a unique and patented mode of action.

A flat adhesive patch applies pressure to the base of the skin tag, cutting off the bloodstream and causing the skin tag to wither and drop off within 6 days.

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  • Excilor Skin Tag Treatment

    What is Excilor Skin Tag Treatment Excilor Skin Tag Treatment is a self-care device for the easy, safe, and painless removal of skin tags. When in place, the Excilor Skin Tag Treatment device stops the flow of blood to the skin tag by way of ligation. The skin tags then gradually wither away in a safe way, with negligible risk of scarring and no pain. The skin tag must be max 3 mm in diameter at the base and max 5 mm in height. This Excilor Skin Tag Treatment package contains an applicator and 3 skin tag devices, each once for the removal of one skin tag.

    What are skin tags?

    A skin tag is a small outgrowth of epidermal and dermal tissue, 1 to 5 mm in diameter and 2-10 mm in height, usually flesh-coloured. The common location for skin tags is the neck, arms pits, groin area, eyelids, under breasts or other skin folds. Skin tags come in a variety of shapes. Skin tags are very common, with a reported incidence of 46% of the general population. Half the sufferers of skin tags have more than 5 skin tags on their body.

    Why treat skin tags?

    Skin tags are common benign skin lesions for which there is no medical need for treatment. Many people however desire removal of the skin tag for cosmetic reasons and/or because skin tags have a psychological impact on their quality of life. Although many sufferers are motivated to the removal of skin tags, often the healthcare infrastructure is less interested because skin tags are benign and the cost of clinical intervention can be hard to justify.