Evening Primrose Oil 500mg (30 Capsules)


  • Active Ingredient: Vitamin E Acetate
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Evening Primrose Oil is used to treat nerve damage caused by diabetes and mild skin conditions. Evening primrose is a plant that’s most commonly found growing throughout Europe and North America.

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What Evening Primrose Oil Is and What It Is Used For

Evening primrose oil has been used in alternative medicine as a possibly effective aid in treating nerve damage caused by diabetes, and osteoporosis. Evening primrose oil has also been used to treat asthma, eczema, attention deficit- hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), hepatitis B, high cholesterol, liver cancer, breast pain, obesity, menopausal hot flashes and night sweats, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and skin or joint symptoms of psoriasis. However, research has shown that evening primrose may not be effective in treating these conditions. Evening primrose oil may have been combined with other plants or extracts in a specific preparation to treat these conditions .

Evening Primrose Oil Capsules Consumption Precautions

DO NOT take Evening Primrose Oil Capsules if you:

  • are on blood thinning drugs like warfarin, as EPO has blood-thinning effects
  • are due to have surgery in two weeks
  • have epilepsy, schizophrenia or any other seizure disorder, as there’s a risk evening primrose oil may increase risk of seizure
  • are pregnant, as EPO can cause complications

How To Take Evening Primrose Oil Capsules

There is no official upper limit for EPO, but the European Medicines Agency warns that children under 12 should not take it. Do not take more than what your doctor or pharmacists tells you to.

Possible Side Effects

Like all supplements, Evening Primrose Oil can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them. Side effects with evening primrose oil supplements include effects on the stomach and gut such as indigestion, nausea and softening of stools, increased temperature, hypersensitivity (allergic) reactions
such as exanthema (skin rash), and headache. The frequency is not known.

Storing Evening Primrose Oil Capsules

  • Keep out of the sight and reach of children.
  • Store below 25°C.
  • Replace cap and turn until a click is heard (after use).

Active Ingredients

The active ingredients in Evening Primrose Oil capsules are: Evening Primrose Oil, Capsule Shell (Beef Gelatin, Glycerol), Vitamin E Acetate.

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