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Diastix Strips are designed to measure the presence and concentration of acetoacetic acid in the urine. Acetoacetic acid is a naturally occurring keto acid, which is also known as diacetic acid.

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    Diastix Strips

    Diastix Strips provide a fast, convenient way of testing urine for the presence and concentration of glucose and ketone. Acetoacetic acid can be found in the urine from persons with diabetes and is more commonly referred to as a “ketone body”. When dipped in urine, Diastix Strips change colour according to the amount of glucose and ketone in the urine. Use of Diastix Strips can alert you and your doctor to changes in your condition for which adjustments in your diet and/or medication may be needed. Carefully follow the testing schedule your doctor or diabetes team establishes.

    Diastix Glucose Test Strips

    Diastix Glucose Test Strips are used to test the amount of ketones in the blood. Ketones are substances the body makes when cells are receiving enough glucose (blood sugar). Glucose is the body’s main source of energy. Ketones are often detected in a urine test. High levels of ketones may indicate DKA, diabetic ketoacidosis. This is a complication of diabetes that if left untreated can lead to a coma or even death. This is why it’s important to use Diastix Glucose Test Strips to detect ketone so treatment can begin before a medical emergency transpires.

    Bayer Keto Diastix Urinalysis Strips

    You may need to use Bayer Keto Diastix Urinalysis Strips if you have diabetes and symptoms of DKA. Symptoms of diabetic ketoacidosis include:
    • Excessive thirst
    • Increased urination
    • Nausea and vomiting
    • Dry or flushed skin
    • Shortness of breath
    • Fruity smell on breath
    • Fatigue
    • Confusion
    DKA is most common in people with type 1 diabetes, but can affect anyone diagnosed with diabetes. People with Type 1 diabetes don’t produce the hormone called insulin. Insulin is responsible for controlling the amount of glucose in the blood. The majority of the time, Bayer Keto Diastix Urinalysis Strips and other similar devices are used to check for diabetic ketoacidosis.

    Bayer Diastix Glucose Test Strips

    A normal test will result in no ketones detected. This will mean the Bayer Diastix Glucose Test Strips didn’t detect any ketones in the blood. If the result is positive and ketones are present in the blood, then it could mean you have DKA. However, there are other conditions that can cause you to test positive for blood ketones after using Bayer Diastix Glucose Test Strips. These include:
    • Malnutrition, eating disorders, and other conditions where the body doesn’t absorb or take in enough calories.
    • Pregnant women will sometimes develop blood ketones. If ketones are found in the blood during pregnancy, it could mean gestational diabetes, a type of diabetes that only affects pregnant women.

    Keto Diastix Reagent Strips

    If you have used Keto Diastix Reagent Strips before and the test has come back negative, but the most recent one has detected ketones, go to your nearest A&E immediately. DKA is considered an emergency and needs to be treated in hospital as soon as possible. If you’re unsure about the Keto Diastix Reagent Strips result, contact a local GP or speak with your diabetes team. Contact them if:
    • If blood sugar or ketone levels are high or are getting higher over time, but no symptoms are showing.
    • Ketone levels or blood sugars levels are normal or only slightly higher than usual, but you still feel unwell.

    Keto Diastix Test Strips

    Before you use Keto Diastix Test Strips:
    • Keep finger and any other objects away from the testing area.
    • Do not use after the expiration date listed on the packaging.
    • Keto Diastix Test Strips can be used for up to 6 months after opening the packaging.

    How To Read Keto Diastix Strips

    Follow the below instructions to be able to know how to read Keto Diastix Strips correctly:
    • Firstly, look at the glucose colour chart and the ketone colour chart on the bottle.
    • The glucose chart is the top chart. It will look like a graph with different coloured bars.
    • Use the top marker on the strip to compare the results of glucose to the boxes found on the Keto Diastix Test Strips bottle. Read this result at exactly 30 seconds.
    • The Ketone chart is at the bottom and will be similar to the glucose one, but differently coloured.
    • Use the bottom marker on the strip to compare the results of ketones to chart on the Keto Diastix bottle. Read the result in exactly 15 seconds.
    If you’re having trouble figuring out how to read keto diastix strips correctly, please speak to your doctor or pharmacist for guidance.

    How To Use Keto Diastix Reagent Strips For Urinalysis

    The below steps will show you how to use keto diastix reagent strips for urinalysis.
    • Collect a fresh urine specimen in a clean, dry container.
    • Remove one strip from the bottle and replace the cap.
    • Dip the test area of the strip into the urine and remove it immediately after.
    • Tap the edge of the strip against the container or a clean, dry surface to remove excess urine.
    • Compare the test area to the colour charts exactly 10 seconds after wetting. Ignore any colour changes that happen after those 10 seconds.
    If you’re struggling to understand how to use Keto Diastix Reagent Strips for urinalysis, ask your doctor or pharmacist to guide you through each step.

    Diastix Glucose Test Strips Results

    Once you have the Diastix Glucose Test Strips Results depending on the colour shown on the charts, you will either have a negative or positive result. Glucose results that display 1/10% to 1% are negative. In this case you should record the result on a notepad and tell your doctor or pharmacist on your next visit. Diastix Glucose Test Strips Results greater than 1% mean the test was positive. When this happens, immediately contact the hospital and ask to speak to a nurse, nurse practitioner, or clinical pharmacist.

    Diastix Reagent Strips For Urinalysis Color Chart

    Diastix Reagent Strips For Urinalysis Color Chart for Glucose – Glucose Result Chart Diastix Reagent Strips For Urinalysis Color Chart for ketone – Ketone Result Chart

    Keto Diastix Test Strips 50

    DKA is typically treated in hospital after it has been diagnosed using testing methods such as Keto Diastix Test Strips 50. Treatment for DKA includes:
    • Insulin that’s injected directly into a vein
    • Fluids given into a vein to rehydrate the body
    • Nutrients given by a vein to replace any that has been lost
    Along with the above, vital signs such as the brain, kidneys and lungs will be closely monitored. Patients are usually discharged once they are well enough to eat and drink and further Keto Diastix Test Strips 50 show safe levels of ketones in the body. The typical hospital stay lasts around 2 days.