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    • Buy Loperamide Online UK Next Day Delivery Hydrochloride BNF SPC

      Loperamide (Generic Imodium) Anti-Diarrhoea Capsules

      • Fast Acting Relief From Diarrhoea
      • Slows Down Bowel Activity
      • Active Ingredients: Loperamide Hydrochloride

      This medicine contains Loperamide which helps to stop diarrhoea by making the stools more solid and less frequent. This medicine is used for the treatment of sudden short-lived (acute) attacks of diarrhoea in adults and children over 12 years of age.

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    • Buy Imodium Plus Caplets UK Next Day Delivery Online 12

      Imodium Plus Caplets, 12.

      • Active Ingredients: Loperamide / Simeticone
      • Next Day Delivery Available At Checkout
      • Buy With Confidence From UK Registered Pharmacy

      Imodium Plus Caplets are uniquely formulated to control diarrhoea and calm additional symptoms such as cramps, wind and bloating. Imodium works by restoring your bowel to its normal rhythm. This helps to restore the absorption of more fluids into your body.

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    • Buy Imodium Instants Orodispersible Tablets Online UK Next Day Delivery Melt 

      Imodium Instants Orodispersible Tablets

      • Fast Acting Relief From Diarrhoea
      • Active Ingredients: Loperamide Hydrochloride
      • Dissolves On The Tongue

      Imodium Instants Orodispersible tablets contain the active ingredient loperamide hydrochloride that works by slowing down an overactive bowel. Imodium Instants dissolve instantly on the tongue and can provide relief from diarrhoea in just one hour, allowing you to get on with your day.

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    • J. Collis Browne’s Mixture

      J. Collis Browne’s Mixture 100ml

      • For The Relief Of Diarrhoea
      • For The Relief Of A Cough
      • Active Ingredient: Morphine & Peppermint Oil

      J. Collis Browne’s Mixture relieves coughs and the symptoms of diarrhoea. The medicine contains morphine which helps calm and reduce the effects of diarrhoea and griping pains. It also contains peppermint oil which calms the stomach and relieves flatulence and griping.


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    • Buy Dioralyte Blackcurrent Oral Electrolyte Powders 20 Sachets UK Next Day Delivery solution

      Dioralyte Blackcurrent Oral Electrolyte Powders 20 Sachets

      • Fast Acting Rehydration Treatment
      • Active Ingredients: Glucose, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride
      • Replaces Lost Fluid And Electrolytes

      Diarrhoea affects most people from time to time and it is usually nothing to worry about. It can be unpleasant but diarrhoea usually passes on its own within a week. With acute diarrhoea, the body can lose a lot of fluid and electrolytes in a short space of time which leaves it vulnerable to dehydration. Signs of dehydration are: feeling thirsty, dark urine that has a strong smell, not peeing often, feeling dizzy and tired, and dry lips and mouth. Diarolyte Blackcurrant Oral Electrolyte Powders Sachets contain natural rehydration salts to replace the fluids and salts that the body has lost through diarrhoea. Mix the powder with water before taking for fast and effective rehydration within 3 to 4 hours.

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    • Buy Imodium Instant Melts UK Next Day Delivery Online How To Take Instructions

      Imodium Instant Melts, 18.

      • Active Ingredient: Loperamide
      • Can be Used For IBS Related Diarrhoea
      • Buy With Confidence From UK Registered Pharmacy

      IMODIUM Instants are the fastest dissolving tablets for on-the-go diarrhoea relief.

      They’re specially designed to give quick relief in under one hour, when you’re on the go, as they dissolve instantly on your tongue, so you don’t need to take them with water.

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    • Silicol Gel 200ml

      Silicol Gel – 200ml

      • Reduces IBS Symptoms
      • Removes Toxic Substances From The Stomach
      • Effective Relief From Heartburn

      The advantage of Silicol Gel exists in the large and highly reactive surface of silicic acid. When taken internally, it forms a protective and soothing coating over the lining of the stomach and intestines.

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