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General health is important for your overall wellbeing. My Pharmacy would advise you to have a general health check up before purchasing something such as general health supplements. Supplements are only needed if you are deficient in a vitamin or nutrient.

Below you can find a number of different general health categories, ranging from eye, foot, ear, pain and dental products. Our over-the-counter products don’t require any general health questionnaire to be filled in.

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    • Eczema and Dermatitis

      Eczema and Dermatitis (40)

    • Erectile Dysfunction

      Erectile Dysfunction (7)

    • Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

      Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating) (4)

      Hyperhidrosis products are specially formulated to address excessive sweating, a condition that affects many people. This category offers a range of different roll-ons that work by blocking sweat ducts. As hyperhidrosis can significantly impact daily life and confidence, these products aim to provide long-lasting relief.
    • Foot

      Foot (36)

      Below you will find a spectrum of foot-related products, promoting comfort, hygiene, and overall foot health. Items such as antifungal creams for athlete’s foot, moisturizing lotions for dry and cracked heels, blister plasters. Additionally, products like wart removers and foot sprays for odour control.
    • Ear

      Ear (11)

      General health ear products encompass a range of over-the-counter items designed to address common ear-related concerns and maintain overall ear health. Products you will find in this category include earwax removal drops, earplugs for noise or water protection, and natural oil drops for ear comfort. Some products also offer relief from minor external ear irritations or infections.
    • Eye

      Eye (71)

      General health eye products are over-the-counter solutions designed to cater to a variety of eye-related needs. This category encompasses products like artificial tears for dry eyes, redness relievers, eye washes to cleanse and refresh, and lubricating drops for contact lens wearers.
    • Dental - Non Prescription Medication

      Dental - Non Prescription Medication (56)

      Non-prescription dental products are over-the-counter items formulated to maintain, enhance, or address oral health concerns without the need for a dentist's prescription.
    • Hair

      Hair (17)

      General health hair products cater to a myriad of hair-related concerns and overall scalp wellness. Products include medicated shampoos for dandruff or scalp conditions, hair growth serums, treatments for hair loss, and products targeting specific issues such as lice.
    • Skin Care

      Skin Care (207)

      Skin care medicines are specialized treatments formulated to address a variety of dermatological conditions and enhance the overall health of the skin. This category includes products such as creams for eczema and psoriasis, acne treatments, antifungal ointments, and medicated lotions for dry or itchy skin.
    • Lice & Scabies

      Lice & Scabies (14)

      Lice and scabies medicines are specialized treatments designed to effectively combat and eliminate parasitic infestations on the human body. Lice treatments target the tiny insects and their eggs often found on the scalp, while scabies treatments are formulated to address the microscopic mites that burrow into the skin, causing itching and rashes.
    • Sleep Aids

      Sleep Aids (11)

      Sleep aid medicines are formulations designed to assist individuals experiencing difficulty falling asleep or maintaining restful slumber. Below you will find antihistamine-based sleep aids that are available without a prescription.
    • Pain Relief

      Pain Relief (158)

      Formulated to alleviate various types and levels of discomfort, pain relief medication can help mild headaches to more severe pains such as arthritis or post-operative discomfort. Some products may target specific pain areas, like menstrual pain or migraines, while others offer general pain relief.
    • Asthma Non-Prescription

      Asthma Non-Prescription (7)

      Non-prescription asthma products encompass a range of over-the-counter items designed to aid individuals with asthma or related respiratory concerns.
    • Insomnia

      Insomnia (10)