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Asthma the facts #1 – Mitigate Air Pollution, top 5 tips.

Is Asthma now an epidemic?

Asthma the facts. As the Summer holidays approach how do you minimize the effects of air pollution at airports, bus stations and rail stations?

Two thirds of people site air pollution as a major causes of Asthma attacks. Everything from diesel fumes emitted by trains and buses, to smoke and dust, can irritate the lungs.

Air pollution is at its worst in cites, at busy junctions, bus stations and airports. Try to avoid them on high pollution days. Obviously this is not always possible Consequently it is important to use the “preventer” type of inhaler to control your Asthma.

When is pollution at its highest?

Later in the day pollution has had time to build, pollution then peaks at the rush hour. Still, windless days allow smog to hang in the air. Warm humid weather lets pollutants get trapped close to the ground. Conversely, strong winds can bring in pollution from elsewhere. For example sand from the Sahara desert.

Asthma the facts – How can I reduce the effects of pollution?

1/ Use a “preventer” inhaler regularly.

2/ Keep an eye on the pollution forecast for your area.

3/ Always carry a reliever inhaler to deal with any sudden asthma attacks.

4/ Don’t travel during the rush hour,if possible, or stick to the back streets.

5/ Keep your car windows closed when stuck in traffic.

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